A patronising post on energy savings

So today a rewarding look at a couple of charts to look at ( not as immensely boring as it sounds) ...

But first  - Imagine if you will, that you had previously been in contact with us - the upshot being that for a very reasonable price you would be well served in the whole saving energy effectively department. Aren't you lucky - you (being wiser than most) can save time by not reading the rest of this post.

However, for the rest of you, it is only fair we tell a little about the things in energy management that excite us most.

Picture of a pie and pint taken for enwiki-p's...
A "pie and pint"  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Consider for a moment a pub, not just any pub, but a "better" pub. If you have been paying attention you will also know that boiler energy saving is like running a bar !

BTW - a word to the wise ! -  If you have not been there do have a look - firstly for the *ahem* brilliance of the analogy it offers, and secondly for the wonderful picture at the top of the post.

You have to love a disaster it - clearly he does ! 

And what is better than running a better pub I hear you ask (rhetorically) ? -
"Why - drinking in a better pub of course ! "

So, the problem today is as ever how to address the problem
- How do I get to be sitting in a better pub ?

The answer naturally is that as an energy manager - you need one of three things :

a) A better job
b) If a) is not available - more respect in the job you have
c) Failing a) and b) - you need to gain respect.

And that is why we are here ...
If you did so (that is - click to enlarge) you will have seen that the chart above is of a pub. The energy use to be precise - if you are smart you will be able to figure out when they are open. (And this is why you should know it's a pub!)

The faint line at the top is the most this pub spends (by hour of week).  The green is what it should be using if all is well under the current conditions - and the red - Well the red is the current weeks level of "spillage". That which is to be avoided!
OK - I was just kidding ! - naturally the chart doesn't show you when they are open. It does show you when they are using energy, and that is not the same thing !

If you are observant you will see that the energy use is "even better than ideal" on Tuesday evening - In other words - a mistake !

Since nobody changed the time-clocks for Daylight Savings Time.

The mice are cosy before the pub opens, and the punters are cold when they leave in the evening.

What is that ugly red spike at  ?

The ugly red-spike is a boiler boosting hot water to above its necessary temperature.  We know this because it then switches on and off all day.  This is known as slow dry cycling - the load does not warrant the activity - so the boiler overheats the system, then slowly cools down before doing the same again.

If it just did a little when it was needed - it would cost less, the room temperature would be more stable (more comfortable - and less likely that someone opens the door for a bit of fresh air - as often happens in autumn).

Now there are lots more things I could tell you - like the implications of the high load line over-night (maybe I'll post on that another day)...

So you reward for having got this far is that you are better informed (maybe) - or perhaps more likely - you disagree with drinking beer  - in which case please feel free to express yourself elsewhere !
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