Degree-Days Simplified

Degree-Days are funny fellows. Firstly there are two types Heating & Cooling Degree-Days. So to keep it simple let's just look at Heating Degree-Days...

As we saw previously, there is an outside temperature called the "Balance" when you don't quite need any heating. Think an early day in autumn (fall for our US brethren). It makes sense that it should be about the same as the temperature when you don't need any cooling either - so heating and cooling are in "balance".

Weather & Energy In Buildings

People and animals shelter from weather.

Energy is used to maintain comfort, either body heat and insulation act alone  in a "passive" building or the building is "active". Ever since humans first gathered wood to keep warm, energy efficiency has been an issue, in buildings. Who wants to spend their whole life cutting down trees? The word energy even means activity .