The easy way to accept Bitcoin micropayments on your blogger account

I was at AVC today (a great entrepreneurs blog) and read this about a new way of exchanging funds legally and securely at VERY low overhead.

The Concept of Bitcoin Micro-payments 
The bitcoin tipping button by Coinbase

This "tip button" allows you take micro donations in Bitcoin if people appreciate your posts. (You will see I have already "harvested" 550 bits at the time of writing).

So pressing on the Bitcoin "Tip"  as shown ( top right of my blog ) will donate an small amount of Bitcoins to me. 

It is only set to "300" bits or 0.0003 bitcoins by default and at the time of writing that's about 10 cents US as a "bit" is 1 millionth of a Bitcoin

This all supposes the reader/donor has an account set up to pay bitcoins, because they are very secure - you cant give what you haven't got. (If not is a good place to get informed)
Note: Neither kWIQly nor I have any commercial interest in coinbase (other than curiosity)

This can be used to fund pretty much any product or service (but keep it clean - it is your choice how you spend your life). But as an "early adopter" - I thought this would be useful to lots of potential bloggers, musicians etc (so I thought I would help spread the word - It could also be a way of driving down global transaction payments so for example more of charitable spend can be applied to the cause).

How to put it on your site :

Visit - it really explains everything you need to know.

For me (my blog sits on the blogger platform is hosted elsewhere) this meant:

1) opening up my browser at (logged into my account) and clicking 

2) Selecting defaults in my case (and when logged in) and then copying the javascript (below)

3) Going to my blog layout editor (this for blogger) YMMV and  selecting layout (below in orange)

 4) Select add a HTML/Javascript widget

Pasting the script in the box and job done -  

Then all you do is save the changes and watch the money mount up. 

 (To be honest this is an experiment for me and if the box top right never again changes I wont mind (and thanks to the coinbase team for donating my first receipt !)

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