3D energy management

3D webgl enabled chart showing energy managers when waste occurs
Screenshot of interactive 3d performance model
kWIQly have been invited to showcase our new demo at the O'Reilly Fluent conference (javascript and beyond). Since many readers will not be in San Francisco. I thought we should give you an idea of what it can do for energy managers.

If you like you can try it yourself at home:)

energy insight demo

A couple of the features need a modern browser with a webGL graphics card to see 3D imagery of consumption and weather vs time.

So why not see if they work for you ?

If you drag your mouse on the diagrams and nothing happens you may need help to enable the functionality in your browser 

Spot the waste

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Imagine a university campus with 9 buildings  or perhaps an office complex.

Each area, only  needs heating below a certain temperature, and the demand increases as the temperature falls into winter.

So the start points vary, but the total demand should always be concave, because once heat is needed, more is needed the colder it gets - you can see this illustrated idealistically.


kWIQly finalists for OReilly Startup Showcase 2013 in SF

As you can imagine we are thrilled to be chosen as on of the ten startups from around the globe for the O'Reilly Startup Showcase in San Francisco.

We will be presenting on the Wednesday and perhaps (who knows) later.

If you want to come and talk with kWIQly - you know where to find us  (George and James Attending)