Good Germs Make Healthy Buildings

This fantastic TED talk by Jessica Green exemplifies Building Energy intelligence. Fascinating and somehow gruesome it explains great scientific technique. How you can change building health with good ventilation design, how hosptital iatrogenic problems may be mitigated.

So watch this and enjoy - and hey - Its even part of your work !

And yes - I really want to get hold of a means to monitor this ! - Any feedback please use the comments below.

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What is a dashboard for?

Thunderbird Dashboard
Thunderbird Dashboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What should an energy dashboard show?

It really depends on what it's for, and a lot of people forget that all important detail !  So too many people pay to see a "dashboard" which doesn't tell them what they need to know.

Clearly a dashboard is to show what you need to see, and to show it - well obviously ! But it isn't a windscreen - it's not where you should be looking most of the time !

If you drive a car, your dashboard is below your windscreen, it doesn't tell you where you are going (hopefully your navigator does that - darling the map's the wrong way up :), it doesn't tell you about the immediate hazards of driving (the child running across the road), but it DOES tell you about how you are driving, and relevant data about the machine you are controlling.

Engineering equivalent of a theme restaurant ?

Roles are all often too inflexible

In a restaurant roles are quite clear. Your `job' is to order the food and eat it. At the same time you expect staff to prepare, cook, fetch & carry and even wash the dishes afterwards (insert your favourite "I forgot my wallet" joke here :)

Oh, Mr Porter!
Oh, Mr Porter! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But do you feel like a chump in a hotel when a porter tries to carry your bags for you - Call me uncultured but I always find that strange. - then he wants a tip !

In fact it seems that not letting people do whatever they want and be happy doing so is the domain of the "excellent service world".

Well I have news ...