Meet kWIQly at European Utility Week

Will you be at European Utility Week in Amsterdam 4th - 6th November?

The kWIQly team will be!

Mainly we will be visiting existing clients who have stands at the exhibition and attending intersting workshops, but we know a few of you (readers) might be attending and would think it worthwhile to exchange notes.

If so - there are three options, in ascending preference order:

1) Pot luck - Just be there and we may bump into you (click below to visit the registration page)

2) Contact us in advance - we will be happy to schedule a meeting with one or more of the team

Please just mention some contact details at the bottom of our home page and we will get in touch

3) Best of all - You are exhibiting yourselves - Again let us know via the contact form and we will visit you at your stand (Guaranteed) 

What are we doing there?

Briefing clients on new offerings:
  • The ability to plan weather energy budgets at high resolutions (half-hour) 
  • New Pattern recognition modules (eg identifying when "hand control" is better than boiler sequencing modes)
  • Identifying long term "non-exceptional" enegry waste causes
+ Saying hello, to new acquaintances - we would love you to be one !