Generic specifications - What the ?!*k

Over the years I have written a few control strategy specifications for buildings.

 By the way - the pictures are some buildings where I have worked on controls specifications over the years (they have no real purpose  - but nice photos break up the words quite nicely don't you think?).

St Johns Cambridge
On more than one occasion I have been asked to write a "generic specification", which does sound really quite stupid.

Google Energy Waste Search Engine

It doesn't exist yet, but certainly a search for waste is the job of any energy manager. And it's valuable.

There are some reasons that explain why it doesn't exist, and some hints as to where it might come about.

Food and Energy Waste are Similar

Lets consider a very simple idea - Food provides energy so its very like oil, or gas or sunshine.

When we talk about energy consumption - that usually means what we end up paying for. But let' take a closer look...

There's what you pay for...

there's what you eat...

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The typical energy manager has two conflicting drivers that meet to form a single objective.
Energy Management Dilemma
Between a Rock and a Hard Place ?

The conflicting drivers are naturally the inputs.

A) What is being done
B) What it is costing

Note "what is being done" is really producing output eg "widgets manufactured" or"meals served" but this is an input to the energy management perspective - Our energy manager reads it from a screen.