Engineering equivalent of a theme restaurant ?

Roles are all often too inflexible

In a restaurant roles are quite clear. Your `job' is to order the food and eat it. At the same time you expect staff to prepare, cook, fetch & carry and even wash the dishes afterwards (insert your favourite "I forgot my wallet" joke here :)

Oh, Mr Porter!
Oh, Mr Porter! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But do you feel like a chump in a hotel when a porter tries to carry your bags for you - Call me uncultured but I always find that strange. - then he wants a tip !

In fact it seems that not letting people do whatever they want and be happy doing so is the domain of the "excellent service world".

Well I have news ...

Some people prefer to serve themselves !

Imagine, that you believing you are gifted regards certain culinary arts, and not sparing the blushes of your children or the sensibilities of your fellow diners, loudly call proceedings to a  halt in that Michelin *** star or Forbes *****, and declare - 

`Let me carve the meat this evening' 
`I'll knock up my own vinaigrette - it's better than you ever tasted' 

or (in the hotel)

"Don't be absurd - I am quite happy carrying this bag - its been round the world twice with me anyway" 

- then calmly you carry on as ever before.

Perhaps this is more the world of the "eat all you can" or the "theme restaurant" or the hitchhiker hostel rather than the 5*Hotel - or perhaps it's just the "real world" where engineers tend to live...

 (Hmm interesting suggestion to hotels "Why don't you line up and applaud people who can carry their own stuff?"  - That would sure be worth a tip! )

So what do we think ?

Perhaps ours would be rather an odd restaurant, but it's exactly how we work - because ... 

We work for people who know what they want, expect the best, can often do a job themselves, but sometimes choose not to ! 

So they choose what we do and what we can be grateful to be paid for !

This makes sense because often engineers have diverse skills, talents, interests, and workloads, but sometimes demands for production outstrip available resources !

So if you want to read about working with kWIQly - or rather kWIQly serving you, your way - this is for you !

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