Green Deal vs ISO 50001 Slapdown

Hi all

This one is fun if you are more into UK dominance of the world than international  standards bodies - do share it with anyone you know involved with The Green Deal.

Yesterday I posted on  ISO 50001 Where do I start ?  and today I wondered if the Green Deal is penetrating the "noggins" of people who search on Google.

It appears it is - Below is an embedded image and this is a World Search context - You can click to enlarge , and on on the face of my energy blog (at the top - I will move it later :) you will see a live widget - so it will be fun to see how this develops ;

DON'T forget to bookmark and share this if you think its fun.

DO make any comments you like below this post - How do you interpret that exponential hockey-stick?

and if you would like me to look up trends for some other energy related interest - just let me know.

BTW - I put "kWIQly" in and I'm afraid we don't register much on this scale
 - YET !

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