Tame the wild stallion

OK - people are complaining about the temperature.
English: Feral stallions fighting for dominanc...
Feral stallions fighting for dominance of a herd of mares. . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are heating you either need to heat more or heat less.
If you are cooling you either need to cool more or cool less.

If you are doing both - you have a problem !

Collectively people have a problem - they can't make their mind up.
You need to help people make up their minds ...

First they must know that you can only offer collective comfort, not personalized comfort if they share a space.

Most of the time in most buildings there is some heating and some cooling going on because some people are too hot while others are too cold. Even if these are in different places opposites attract !

People don't complain that it is too stable (this is your ally ) - they want change - they always want change. but they only want gradual change - only they just don't realise.  So calm, deliberate, firm decisions pays off - like calming a wild horse

The best way is to do less - 
Gentle on My Mind (song)
Gentle on My Mind (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And do what you do - gently!

They want it hotter - offer to turn down the cooling - it takes a while to cool a building - (much longer than the time it takes for a cup of tea to cool down) - explain this to them. So turn it down slightly - as near to the source of heat or chill as possible... and ... then... wait !

They want it cooler - it's the same only different - It takes time for ice to melt:)

When you are not heating and cooling at the same time and same place - you are doing far less - there is far less to get wrong - so have a rest.

Comfort is stable, and fresher and calm - so give it time, tame the wild stallion.

They want it faster - but balance is a fine art - if your art is appreciated - there is always time to get it right. Take your time.
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