Preventing overtly flappy action !

So we've been invited to DevFest courtesy of Google  this weekend

Doubtless fun will be had at the Googleplex even if this video is a couple of years old now (but still cool)

This means that Andreas  ( Andreas on kWIQly Team Page ) and I get to drink coffee, learn stuff

But perhaps most interestingly hack some energy efficiency code.

We would like your input (and you to Vote for our project here) which will get more people attracted to our proposition.
""Run Dart on Raspberry Pi to control a home boiler more efficiently using weather forecast (supplied), given local temperatures, and occupancy preferences. RPi to handle I/O and run a simple web-service UI for preferences and reporting.""

To explain a little more in essence a building is a box with flaps that open and close (windows / doors etc).  

Open Window HDR (Window V)
 open window action
 (Photo credit: elkost)
When outside pours in, inside pours out which is expensive from an energy perspective.

But we believe we can (using a tiny linux machine I blogged about a few weeks back the Raspberry Pi ) model the building in real time, and detect (without sensors other than those needed for conventional boiler control) when the boiler is fighting adverse conditions due to flappy action in Spring and Autumn.

Frozen Charlotte
This girl left the door open
- harsh :)
(Photo credit: partymonstrrrr)
We will do this by picking up a weather forecast, and seeing if the buildng responds to flames like it is supposed to.  Flames make coffee and Pizzas and Warm Buildings for those energy managers out there who did not realise.  

But when the weather gets nice and the kitchen door gets full-flaps while the first BBQ of Spring gets under way (or the bluebells are picked or whatever) the flames no longer have this effect.  

Muuuuaaahhhhhaaaa !

We can then PUNISH THE PUNY HUMANS who live there by "freezing their butts off" until they close the door / window or other flappy aperture. This is especially because FAKEGRIMLOCK recommends such things.

Now someone somewhere will probably have patented this idea (probably from the good old US of A) but we are:
 a ) publishing it in case
 b) don't really care because we love what we do 
c) don't really care because we will do what we do, better than other people (who have obviously or even patently only done what they did).

Naturally a few months down the line this may become the guts of a spiffy product - but meanwhile its cool - or hot, and we think its better than developing another mobile app for gazillions of dollars that just gets you sore thumbs.

So if you love the idea (and any sane person will ) - please like, link to or promote this page like crazy.  

Any suggestions welcome of course.  

Oh and PS we figure we can use a weather forecast with sun and cloud cover from meteoblue which will mean we can stop your breakfast sun room getting overly hot in winter when there is a low sun shining in just as you dig into your eggs and bacon - 

Now how cool is that !
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