How Now Green Con? - fraudster challenge series

In another "fraudster challenge" in our series feeding lies to energy managers today we are looking at what I call the "How Now Green Con".

OK - the name is chosen because its easy to remember - there's even a blog at who seem to be doing good things !
Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo
Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) - Some certifications ARE better than others ! - but some are worse.  All can be conned!

So lets first see how they phrase the con (carefully - as it always is).  It is about contrasting on and off control or "How green is it now when on Con" - trol ?".

They typically make three claims - the first two are true - the last is smart.
  • "We have a boiler sequencing Gizmo.  We attach it to any boiler, and by reducing firing when demand is low it will save you energy" - 
    • (reducing dry-cycling - it works).
  • "We have proven it in independent trials where it achieved X% energy reduction without jeopardising comfort"
    •  (these may be real trials).
  • "If it saves you 'X%' it would payback in ....weeks, so we will only charge you if it does, and this is how we will prove it. We will enable and disabled it alternatively on separate days for fourteen days.  We will compare the seven days when it was working with the seven when it was not and if you don't see an "X%" saving you will get your money back, and we will remove it - or (in an alternative) leave it in place free of charge."
    • (Don't fall for this  - maybe bookmark the answer page tomorrow for future reference )

OK that's it - simply stated.  It is legal and honest as expressed - but highly disreputable.

There are many, many, companies who run variants of this con. And some of the best engineers are suckered by it.

Can you see the con ? - Comments and discussion welcome as ever (don't be shy) - Maybe you have been conned, or would you like me to write up a specific one ?

I will write up the answer tomorrow (unless someone comes gunning for me :) - God-willing - see you tomorrow.

Update - And there it is Energy Saving Fraud - #2

By the way please tweet or "like" or whatever this one if you can. Together we can make a dent in the cash crooks are making at the expense of climate change - which is stealing the future of our grandchildren !

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