A proper cup of tea - Who is really at fault ?

Johnny Foreigner
Johnny Foreigner (Photo credit: chrstphrwng)
Although my blog is usually generally in good taste and often about fun things like energy management or issues that affect startups, which judging by the likes - diggs , and other social media feedback to the left is statistically quite unlikely to be your "cup of tea". 

Sometimes it has amazing pictures . However, just once in a while up pops a business topic that deserves your serious attention - and I must address it here.

There is racism, there is humour and then there is the serious distinction between: 

KOBE, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 03:  A tea ceremony mas...
KOBE, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 03: A tea ceremony master makes a green tea during the outdoor tea ceremony at Zuihoji Temple Park on November 3, 2011 in Kobe, Japan. The tea ceremony began in 1950 to commemorate the 14th century governor Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his tea master Sen no Rikyu, who are said to visit this area and enjoyed tea ceremonies. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
A Proper Cup of Tea
A Proper Cup of Tea (Photo credit: James Shade)
"A Proper Cup of Tea
(note the polite capitalisation)

 and ...

your typical continental 'Jonny foreigner' 
- European 
tea-making behaviour'

which has never been anything other than dreadful !

(or so my wife tells me - I don't often drink the stuff)

So I will put in my early defence before I continue...

I  work and live in Switzerland (I really love it here, have great neighbours and appreciate their sense of humour - Some Swiss people will even admit to being bankers - I mean how self-deprecating is that ?).

My best-man is German. Naturally he cannot handle the simple question "wouldn't you like a proper cup of tea" - and may answer "No" and then go on to explain in a voice straight out of "Das Boot".

 "but, I would like a cup of tea, - So when you ask me if I would not like a cup of tea the answer must surely be no"). 

When he answers "yes I wouldn't"  - I really do get confused.

One sister sister lives in France, wife comes from Zimbabwe so I can claim to love people and places from all over - 


If you are a "Jonny Foreigner" you have no clue as to how to make a "proper cup of tea" !

This is probably NOT your fault ! -  If you cared enough, you would find it is easy, but you do have the inalienable right to care as little about tea making as I care about bias regarding International Tiddlywinks Organisations on Wikipedia - allow me to quote :

However, the modern competitive adult game of tiddlywinks made a strong comeback at the University of Cambridge in 1955. The modern game uses far more complex rules and a consistent set of high-grade equipment. The rest of this article concerns the adult game. 

Really - Do you think so ?  :) 

So - to the point of this post,...

There are as many different ways to make a proper cup of tea as there are British people, but funnily enough only British people about know them. 

Here is one example with which I can hugely disagree  
and as every decent chap will be aware George Orwell and Tea science are still at loggerheads.
So as I come to the end of this rant, allow me to teach one thing...

1 - The water has to be boiling !

Not "luke - , after you've stubbed out your silly Gauloises cigarrettes with the logo that looks like Asterix's helmet, and you've sent another three text messages to your Mum with whom you still live probably ! - warm "

But really, really HOT !

Thank you rant over - time for a nice .....

If you have nothing better to do, you could go on and read about what I call auto-congratulatory-green-benchmarking - its a shambles !
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