EnergyCo. wants me to use less - Really ?

OK - it sounds improbable ! In fact it sounds about as likely as going to a great 
restaurant and hearing...

Desserts from JusQytly
Desserts from JusQytly
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"but wouldn't Madam be happier without that fattening desert ?"

or being greeted at the supermarket checkout with a patronizing...

"Oh but Sir, really ! - maybe we can help you put some back ?"

But they do because...

They have a good reason which makes them more money ! 

So next time they contact you and ask if you want to spend less - maybe, just maybe it's worth listening. I'll tell you why...
English: A look inside a standard, thyristor r...
Inside a standard, thyristor regulated, 500 W drill. (CMI 500E) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They understand "why you buy". 

Utility companies sell an easy way of getting a job done !  

Think about it, when you pick up a power tool, say a drill, what you really "want" is holes in the wall - not energy. 

When you switch on the washing machine, what you are "buying" is fresh clean clothes.

Energy is only a means to an end - an easy one. 

English: A photo I took myself of two NiMH AAA...
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Convenient costs more - 5,000 times more !

Electricity has to be so convenient, that they don't just bring it to your door, you  have it delivered to special holes in the wall. 

Even that's not enough, we want it cordless and portable: iron, telephone, remote control, iPod - energy - wherever its wanted!

Electricity in an AAA battery costs roughly $890 per unit or "bit" of energy instead of under 10 cents straight out of the wall (which took a huge installation effort ).

Oh and you have to go get the AAA for yourself and dispose of it afterwards ! 

Yes 8,900 times more money for the same thing a unit of electricity

So yes they will deliver gas in bottles, but they would prefer to pipe it right to you - because its the most convenient way of selling it !

How do you like your water sir ? - On tap ! that's right. Right - fresh water is a human right!

Example EU energy label for washing machine; s...
EU energy label
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So I think most people would accept that what we are buying is in effect "convenience" sold in "units" ! 

 Very few people could tell you what electricity "looks like", or really care how gas combustion with oxygen makes heat.

People want, and pay for - what energy does, not how they get !

It follows, that if you can pay less for a job to be done just as well, you will be just as happy - or actually more happy.

If you use less energy to get the same job done you are just as happy - in fact if you care at all about the environment you are even more happy.

So less energy for the same job is more value !

This means each "piece" of energy is worth much, much, more if it is used wisely.

The visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomo...
Wisdom : The visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon
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If you know how to use it wisely - this profit is yours.

If kWIQly helps you to use less and still you get the same value then we can share the benefits.

AND, if the energy company sells you less for the less money - they can still benefit !

They need to produce less energy (they won't, but may just sell it somewhere else perhaps later anyway), you will also pay a modest service charge, which is profitable for them, while still saving you energy and money.

So it is a win-win situation. How can this be ? - Simple, the same job well managed is done for less, and the reduced cost is shared.

Energy management makes excellent sense whether you are buying or selling !

So, tomorrow I will write some more, meanwhile - there are some nice pictures in this post. Five ways weather affects energy bills

See you soon !
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