Unattainable, magical unicorn

Gilt statue of a unicorn on the Council House,...
Gilt statue of a unicorn on the Council House, Bristol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Compared to Magical - Is a classic Seth Godin Post which I've reproduced here for context

Compared to magical

The easiest way to sell yourself short is to compare your work to the competition. To say that you are 5% cheaper or have one or two features that stand out--this is a formula for slightly better mediocrity.
The goal ought to be to compare yourself not to the best your peers or the competition has managed to get through a committee or down on paper, but to an unattainable, magical unicorn.
Compared to that, how are you doing?
So a unicorn has a "point" - it is the key differentiation for being a magical unicorn. However, unlike unicorns we are fully attainable - drop us a line , but I don't think that's the point of this post...

Maybe its what could we be if we had all resources and no limitations. The funny thing is that's what we do have in the area in which we choose to specialise.

You do not have the time to step back from day-to-day core business to save energy - we do - its our job !

We have software and servers set up to enable us to grab information out of your energy data, make sense of it, visualize and interpret it - its what we are here for!

We don't sell coffee, operate on patients, go to war, manage a bunch of school children, house prisoners, run exhibitions, or do any of the things our clients do every day - so we are no better and not magical,

But in one sense we are a unicorn, the service we can give is as rare as rocking-horse manure - You just won't find it elsewhere for looking!
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