Oak Tree Kiss Management Style

The English Oak is used figuratively
 to represent "Britishness"

An Oak is known for : 

his moral rectitude - "A Good Oak" - or he may be a politician, 

Many British pubs are called 'Royal Oak' such ...
Many British pubs are called 'Royal Oak' such as this one in Fishguard, Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
and for his strength of character - "A Sturdy Oak" - or stubborn inflexibility.

It is also the name of many a pub 627 'The Royal Oaks' at last count

One thing is clear - the Oak as a management style is straightforward - it is 
rather like the kiss principle, "do as I say" stated clearly with no room for doubt - 
but it can equally be simple and stupid.

If straightforward is a strength then so is flexibility, this leaves a choice. 

I read this somewhere...

"On matters of opinion, sway like a reed...
on matters on principle, stand like an oak"

Beautiful Oaks (Photo credit : unknown) click for original res.

We can illustrate the pros and cons using a very simple idea relating to this question. When should I switch my heating on ?

We assume comfort as an objective, and energy efficiency as a constraint.

In this diagram we see two rather different strategies showing start times for different months of the year in two English pubs.  

On the left - the OAK 
On the right the REED

Red shows peak energy use by time of day -
Rows are months - click to enlarge (Graphic credit

The OAK on the left starts just before opening at around 11:30, simple !

The REED is more flexible - heating starts later in summer and earlier in winter.  This is called start optimization:

Optimization sounds good doesn't it ? 
- almost ideal !

The REED starts heating between 03:00 and 06:00 right through the year - WHY ?

So flexibility is a good thing - but creates room for mistakes. Optimization is a useful feature, but is only a benefit when deployed in conjunction with the KISS idea of switching off when not needed at all !

In reality both of these pubs could save a good few beers, by rationalizing their expenditure and management strategy - but which would you choose as a default - The Oak or the Reed ? - And more importantly how do you like your beer ? let us know in the comments

Whether or not you drink beer - (we are flexible but we like it as a rule ! ) for energy management matters please do get in touch.

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