kWIQly - Don't Panic

kWIQly - Don't Panic !

When disaster strikes, the first words you will hear are often "Don't Panic" often in a shrill panicky voice that is a million miles from calm deliberation.

This is when triage counts most. Triage is the process of classifying priorities according to some rationale to get maximum results from available resources.

That may more mean lives saved, valuable art saved from a flood, or preventing the spread of a forest fire by sacrificing some good wood and "back-burning to the fire".

All of the above call for rapid calm and clear assessment of the facts. Facts (or the "patients history") are taken, and based on  this predetermined optimal paths of  possible action are chosen.

Does this sound like an energy manager looking at a set of buildings for energy savings opportunity? - No ! - Well it should

kWIQly is there to assist the energy manager.  It doesn't make decisions, but it brings together evidence that drives clear decisions on how to save energy.

Often a choice is faced between :

  1. Creating a flagship example.
  2. Addressing one problem on a portfolio wide basis.
  3. Treating the worst cases.
What this misses is the simple notion that some resources are specialized and some are general, and performance can be lifted by addressing specific issues from among an otherwise "fit" population.

We are really interested to hear how energy managers think panic can best be avoided, and we think we have some of the answers.  If you chose to contribute, we will share our combined insights and everyone benefits !
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