Ferraris, Racehorses and Strawberry Tarts

A kWIQly drawn 'Top Hat'
Here's what we do...

Top Hat
Top Hat (Photo credit: lokarta)

We do drawings !

There is not much to the idea, it's in the execution.

People who want energy efficiency, need to find waste then fix it.

Finding waste is like spotting good curves (though not nearly as enjoyable).

All the curves are all in the right place or they aren't. Which is horrid to look at !

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (French plate erased)....
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ferrari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moosewood strawberry mascarpone tart.
Moosewood strawberry mascarpone tart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A racehorse and a strawberry tart don't look quite the same but both look as good like a Ferrari.

It's easy to see isn't it ?

So suppose you have some beautiful curves that indicate "Very Pretty" or "Not so Hot".

These are so called  "Top-hats" showing daily energy consumption profiles of two pubs .
Indiana Jones fedora from "the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It's the best place to do research  - honest Guv !

It's easy to see the difference isn't it ?

One is super efficient - while the other just sucks: 

 -  but, it's harder to "measure" how "hattish" a hat is.

Even when one is more like Indiana Jones' fedora AFTER the stampede.

- That's our job.

Now suppose these are available from hundreds (or tens of thousands) of different buildings, some are open twenty four hours, some at the weekend, some are churches and synagogues and others prisons, and suppose they all have different "shapely" curves - and we can tell the difference.

Using pattern recognition, we  know what makes a "lovely shape", so it is possible to sort out
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you can do that without even visiting the pub - though perhaps a tragedy in itself, it saves a lot of time and money visiting prisons, kindergartens, sellers of pet-rocks and etc.

Throw in some report-writing, a portfolio dashboard and prize-winning audit-ability for good measure, and you have something "So good - you could take her home to meet the folks !"

 We call her ...

Want to meet her - give as a call
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