NodeJSRocks - Walking the Walk

A couple of months back I said a colleague and I were messing around at a Google DevFest with some ideas for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. We were just showing the truly disruptive potential of a zero cost great O/S on high quality low cost hardware by reading some USB themometers.

It's all very exciting to talk the talk - but sometime companies need to walk the walk. So we are please to announce that we are now sponsoring an Open Source Experiment on github.

You can read about it in it's very early form here... (A blog post by my colleague Andreas who authors the brilliant NodeJSRocks blog )

Actually if you have anything to do with NodeJs more generally you should subscribe to his blog.

So if you want to contribute time, ideas, code or simply have a play at getting your Raspberry Pi to graph the temperature of the coffee on your desk (or more useful applications) here is where you can.

Obviously, more is to come. I have been involved in specifying an entire BMS / BCS many years ago that met with some commercial success, and I think it is time we disrupted a few very slow very died-in-the-wool markets.  One thing is clear, the old days of closed protocol lock-in are still here for many energy managers and HVAC installation companies.

The intellectual input to produce an open source, openly configurable control, open-communicating system with great self-diagnostics exists. And if it were produced it would shake some corporate assumptions pretty dramatically.

So let's have some fun!

Oh - and anyone that thinks Honeywell and Siemens don't have a problem from the upstart that is Raspberry Pi had better watch out !...

PS I know about BacNet etc - but is has failed to deliver what it could on so many levels because it is built on the idea of "first risk nothing" approach.  The world has to change and that is going to take some risks. The least of which is upsetting some apple carts - so whoops !

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