Who put the Fun in Fundamental ?

Fundamental is a great word - Why ?

From Wikipedia
Noun - fundament (plural fundaments)
  1. Foundation. 
  2. The bottom; the buttocks or anus. 
  3. The underlying basis or principle for a theoretical or mathematical system. 
At the very footing of science and engineering, the purest and truest sources of data strike fear into the hearts of politicians - because they are fundamental building blocks of argument. Data IS - You may not like what it implies but you cannot disagree with it.

Human activity is messing with the planet at a fundamental level whether politicians like it or not - Sadly it seems many do!

And politicians need to get up off their lazy fundaments (to use the word exactly) and do something about climate change.

So why am I harping on about fundamental today?

Fundamentals are also deep rooted beliefs or grounding principals. All activity involve energy - everything we do. Since life is a process, energy use is unavoidable - it is not an option.
  • Humans require air to breathe, food to eat and stable, unflooded, but irrigated ground (fundament) to build their lives upon, and weather conditions to make that tenable 
  • Politicians have their heads up their collective fundaments on climate change. 
It seems a bit of environmental fundamentalism - or common sense is overdue.

The word Fundament also seems to have a fundamental frequency - Does this prove politicians like to talk out of their fundaments too -  Note the Spring peak - "We'are building on new beginnings "!