Maintain / Enhance - No Management Dilemma

MG TF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
MG TF (Photo credit: kenjonbro)
If you own a very nice sports car there is a dilemma between maintain and enhance that will one day confront you. 

It is different for an energy manager.

As the car owner:

Do you buy the new model, take the financial hit, and risk buying a "flash in the pan" that will soon be dated ? Possibly because it guarantees short term gratification.

Or do you love, cherish and maintain that glorious roadster that gets classier every year, but costs more and more to maintain ?

If you are an energy manager, there is no trade off between maintain and enhance.

Why?  Because you are not seeking gratification but performance. Long-term and current energy performance.

To invest most wisely you need to know the possible best performance of the status quo - It tells you where there are gaps to fill, or where you are taking hits.

This means that enhancement is a possible consequence of maintenance. And maintenance is a necessary consequence of enhancement. 

Energy management is about striving for ever lower goals
 - to do less with more !

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