Energy Saving - Balance Temperature - Yes / No?

"Rules of thumb" develop lives of their own.

Some need to be slain at birth; while others have "legs". 

Balance point temperature...

Should we send it to the naughty step - or run it up a flagpole so we can salute it ?

Energy Managers must make decisions somehow - they must be the judge.

Our job is simply cajole, provoke or tease thoughts out  stubborn unthinking material (do you have any I can use ? ) 

Objectivity's a fine thing,  "you can't manage what you can't measure"- YAWN !

OK but what if you MUST manage what you can't measure.

A small amount of knowledge leads   up s#%t creek without a paddle   to mistakes.

So which is it when we consider Balance Point Temperature ?

The case for the prosecution:

If it please m'Lord... We heat buildings to stay warm. Sometimes it is warm so we don't need to heat. Somewhere between these two a decision is made. That point is the balance point temperature. Getting this right is the first pillar of energy management.

The defense:

Objection... If it was as easy as that we'd all be doing it. My learned friend refers to a mythical unicorn. Saving energy is essential and much is waste but ...

Yes we have motive, and certainly each day we have the opportunity - it's only a switch on the wall (or in the basement) - But we lack one critical aspect - the means.
Balance Point Temperature is not always clear
The means to judge, as we must have if we are to be found guilty of waste.

Where I ask you, or at what temperature (Celsius for my colonial listeners) - do we need to switch boilers on, and conversely when do we switch off?  About 10 ? - So why are there red days at 25C (77F to save the hassle) ? Do we need to heat at 1C : 33.8F ?

If so what about the weekends , school holidays - Should we turn heating off at night or when we stop ventilating ?, Part or all of the building ? - we must judge for ourselves.

The prosecution:

I call the first expert witnesses : kWIQly  - They can sort this out !

"I rest my case !"  , the cry goes up - "mistrial !"

Judge bangs gavel and through all out of his disorderly courtroom  - exit stage left (or here

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