Humble Pie - A dish best eaten fresh !

The following is verbatim an e-mail I sent today (only the names of the innocent are removed - you know who you are) !
Humble Pie - When Nothing else tastes good!

We all get it wrong - it seems I am a Master on occasion - enjoy the following painfully true story that follows from my failure to make a transatlantic conference call last night !

Dear ....

Sometimes a little humble pie is good for the soul... I hope you will see the "funny" side of my embarrassment in what follows:

To set the scene - and in my defence, since I married my wife I have overlooked her birthday only once. 

This happened of necessity in a leap year and on a leap day - so nobody could justly accuse me of having fallen into a habitual fault - but I suppose there is " room for improvement ! "  

Yesterday was not the 29th February - so "what gives ?" you might reasonably ask!

As you can imagine my dear and lovely wife is now sensitized to me putting work first and can even enjoy watching me squirm when I embarrass myself socially with an oversight. 

Who am I to deny her this pleasure ? 

So imagine her delight at the following ...

Last night my best man arrived from Germany with his two sons  (I had forgotten this was scheduled) - he completely failed to remind me it was my wedding anniversary. (Is that not the duty of a best man ?  )

Obviously my dear wife could not claim that an eighth anniversary is  a "particularly important one" -  but do you see the implication ?

Yes on the "remembering birthday" Key Performance Indicator dashboard that she uses as a management tool -  I enjoy a full 50% score - only in 2016 do I get the chance to lift up it to 66%.

These facts surfaced in my consciousness  (with a little judicial prompting by my wife over coffee -  I confess ) moments before I had scheduled to meet with you both on-line. 

I hope you understand that pleasure at seeing my best man (after three years) and getting to know his young sons together with a need for a sprightly re-alignment of plans  - led to me completely overlooking prior commitments to you both.

So I hope you can accept my sincere apologies, and allow me to re-schedule.

My wife says I owe you both !

friendly regards


To complete my humiliation do feel free to share this - if it entertained you.

 If it went viral my apology would be complete !  - And it at least brought a smile to Martine 

Eight years and counting - the shortest of my life !

Any comments or encouragement to Martine welcome below :)