You spent HOW much - the joy of waste !

The Run Amok PAD May 8
The Run Amok PAD May 8 (Photo credit: AlishaV)
There is a fine balance in any organisation between stifling the life out of people, or letting them run amok

In one case nobody dares do anything and nothing ever gets done, in the other everyone does whatever they want and there is no rhyme or reason to it all.

Personally, I could not live with the first, but can also see problems with the second 

BTW: What's it like where you work ? 

However, the point of this post is one where it appears to me the whole world is running amok.

Here is a little list of things that almost all companies keep a tight watch on...
  • How long you are there.
  • How much you spend on their behalf.
  • What authority you have to spend money for them.
  • How good the results are from the money you spend.
  • What the intended purpose is for the things that you do.
Now if you happen to have a boss who is a complete pain, and you score him (or her) out of ten for each of the above, you will probably find that they score about 50 ! 

However, if you asked how innovative and fun to work with they are they may score a little less.  These are people who need A quick tip about interfacing with other people

But here is a secret - There is one thing you can do in almost any company in the world and it is more significant than all of the above, and frankly nobody gives a hoot  - talking of which feel free to

You can walk into the cupboard under the stairs, flip the light switch on, walk out and close the door. No it is not environmentally friendly; far from it but, look how it parallels the list above...

  • No one knows how long its left on
  • No one knows how much it costs
  • Everyone has authority to do it
  • There are no good results from the action
  • There is absolutely no point in it.
So wasting energy (and you can do the same by moving thermostats) is unnoticed, expensive, allowed, offers no benefits and is entirely unintended.

So why don't companies have any policy on this ? - the world is running amok!

If you think I am completely bampots (english phrase) ranting on about this so-be-it,  but if you think I have a point - do us all a favour (english spelling)

Talk about it (you can even comment if you wish),
maybe "like the article",
go and switch a light off - and then look smugly at your co-workers,
or just do something about it of your own device - use your imagination, have some fun and persuade some people to take some action.  

Because if we don't the boring, pain-in-the-butt do nothing and bury-your-head-in-the-sand grey managers will have won after all !

And if that happens ... No Beers !   Which is why there is kWIQly

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