Degree-Day Weather Data - Convenient and Free

Finding Heating and Cooling Degree-Day data has never been easier.  Pin buildings on a Map, we find the weather data, Free Degree-Days - click to graph, click to download.  45 seconds anywhere !

This free service is the start to a disruptive drive to make high quality energy management analysis available where it is needed - everywhere, every continent, every building.

An energy manager for a building has to measure performance. For heating and cooling the yardstick is heating degree-days ( HDD ) or cooling degree-days ( CDD ).  Comparing Fuel consumption against load determined by weather is as fundamental as comparing miles-per-gallon for car economy.

1. Locate your buildings on a map

2. Select building and set balance temperature
3. See visualisation of load vs. weather
4. Click to download

Oh and by the time you need more data, we will be offering free on-line energy management reports too ! 

As an example - Here's a test preview of automated Pattern Recognition of Opening Hours and Base Load...  The software has no idea of opening hours but deduces apparent activity from consumption patterns and weather data.