kWIQly's refurbished website for energy management

Hi erstwhile reader,

It went rather quite recently in the land of kWIQly as we did two things:

We have been participating in a UK Gov. workshop on the future of smart metering for business and industry (link to commentary when I get round to writing it)

Also we were in the build up to our release of our pretty and concise new website which looks a lot like this...

We don't profess to be great at websites, because we are too busy with our focus on delivering value for existing clients, but I think it does do a few things well:
  • It loads much, much faster - try it !
  • It makes a no risk offer to help you find out how much energy you can save
  • It addresses some common concerns with clarity
  • It explains in very simple terms what we can do
And it invites a clear call to action - to get in contact at the bottom of the page

However I confess I liked the elegant pictures of some of the historical buildings where we have worked - but then "out with the old - in with the new" so, since I find myself over-ruled I will just gratuitously add some buildings below - Hope you like them.

Click for a bigger view - and naturally do remember we can add value for a chain of coffee shops just as well as we have in world famous buildings - so don't feel excluded)

The White Tower (Tower of London)

One Churchill Place - Global HQ Barclay's

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg)

BP Headquarters Sunbury

HSBC Hong Kong

Pfizer Sandwich (now closed)

Guildhall London